list of upcoming and introduced changes

Below, you can find a list of changes to the program, both implemented and planned.
The changes already made last week and the ones planned for the upcoming week are highlighted with a colour.
The current version of the system:
Upcoming changes:
05-06-2017Individual care plan for residents and/or service users. Development of Domum9000 functions related to diagnosis, determination of individual needs, therapy planning and assessing results.
Changes introduced:
09-05-2017Quick Task completion button, available on the list of tasks.
04-05-2017The "My Tasks" feature is now available for the currently logged carer.
25-04-2017Ability to issue personalised invoices for Service Users and to view them in the Service User record.
20-04-2017Invoice correction (Credit Note) and visual identification of corrected invoices.
17-04-2017Prices for rooms - ability to enter the base price for each room / bed.
12-04-2017Enhanced logging mechanism.
01-04-2017Splitted "Save" button, allowing you to save data and stay on the current screen or return to the list of records.
21-03-2017Ability to filter Notifications by Facility.
07-03-2017Visual notifications about lack of a current contract.
14-02-2017Contract status updated automatically for Staff and Service Users.
07-02-2017Upgrade to the newest version of programming tools, databases and the application server.
19-01-2017Ability to change the status of multiple Tasks at once.
15-01-2017Permissions added for sending and receiving SMSes
14-01-2017Ability to send and receive "InMail" messages from/to the System Operator.
06-01-2017Tasks reminder in the Notification section as well as by email. Additional options added to manage such Notifications.
07-12-2016"Actual Carer" function - based on the most recent Service User Need.
22-11-2016Expiring Qualifications reminder.
08-11-2016Report that allows to print Staff records (Staff Profile).
25-10-2016Ability to filter Service Users Needs and Tasks by Region and Facility.
18-10-2016Ability to sort Service Users Needs by last name and date.
09-10-2016Ability to display only busy, or only available people for the given time period in the Scheduler.
08-10-2016Changes in Scheduler (Timeline), ability to display people without contract, filtering by Region.
01-10-2016Report that allows to print Service User records (Service User Profile).
26-09-2016Ability to assign Staff and Service Users to manually defined Regions.
21-09-2016Performance improvement for large number of Tasks.
20-09-2016Additional options helping to manage notifications.
15-09-2016Notifications can also be sent by email.
13-09-2016Notifications about expiring contracts.
06-09-2016Training - auto-assign selected person.
13-08-2016Ability to complete document templates from Service User/Staff summary screen.
31-07-2016Service User absences ("holidays").
15-07-2016Branch of JRR Software Ltd launched in Poland.
28-06-2016Report of Materials used while performing tasks.
21-06-2016Report showing Service Users (with occupied bed) for a selected day.
07-06-2016Detailed report of Tasks for a Carer (total duration, number of completed/incompleted Tasks).
24-05-2016Completed Tasks for Staff with Facility breakdown.
10-05-2016Detailed report of Tasks performed for a Service User (total duration, number of completed/incompleted Tasks).
12-04-2016Completed Tasks report for Service Users with Facility breakdown.
05-04-2016Planned Trainings report for Staff with Facility breakdown.
22-03-2016Assessments printout (with questions and answers, scores and conclusions).
15-03-2016Reasons report of incomplete tasks with Facility breakdown.
08-03-2016Summary report for a selected day (bed occupancy, number of Staff and Service Users, number of Tasks and Appointments).
26-02-2016More parameters added to the Staff and Service Users Reports.
02-02-2016Ability to receive short text messages and calls from Staff.
29-01-2016SMS Gateway, ability to send text messages.
29-12-2015Report showing intensity of care for a Service Users or Carer.
22-12-2015Measurements Register printout with Facility breakdown.
18-12-2015Staff clock in/out report with Facility breakdown.
15-12-2015Staff roster printout with Facility breakdown (planned Shifts and Tasks).
08-12-2015Bed occupancy analysis report with Facility breakdown.
01-12-2015Summary report for selected period of time (free beds difference, new Service Users, new Staff, number of Tasks and Appointments performed).
27-11-2015Invoice printout changes.
11-11-2015Document templates for Service users and Staff.
08-11-2015The Assessment form creator (and the assessments lookup).
06-11-2015Tasks and Contract settlements for Service Users.
04-11-2015The Scheduler (Timeline) is now available for Service Users and Facilities.
30-10-2015Recording vital parameters: body temperature, blood sugar, body weight, blood presure.
29-10-2015The register of materials (including medicines and dressings) used while performing tasks.
27-10-2015Facilities compliments/complains.
27-10-2015Service User Event records.
26-10-2015Facilities - Daily records.
24-10-2015Facilities - equipment maintenance.
23-10-2015Automatic creation of tasks & appointments based on Service User's needs.
20-10-2015Service Users printout with actual information about current location and first contact person.
19-10-2015Service User's first contact person. Printing single access cards.
16-10-2015Actual occupancy info. Empty and occupied room markings.
14-10-2015The current whereabouts: room (residential care), address (home care).
13-10-2015Common fields added to the service users and staff records.
10-09-2015Autofilling documents from templates in *.docx format.
28-08-2015Service Users Petty Casch (deposits).
21-08-2015Service Users personal things.
01-06-2015The SSL certificate renewal.
30-05-2015The Domum9000 information brochure.
29-05-2015Settlements printout and export to the CSV format files.
25-05-2015Shifts, tasks and appointments settlements.
22-05-2015Tasks & Appointments status changes. Reason for not completed task or appointment added.
20-05-2015Domum9000 Timeline, suggesting best worker to perform a specified task.
19-05-2015Domum9000 Timeline, dynamic resource scheduling functions.
15-05-2015The Domum9000 framework enhancements for low resolution screens, used by mobile devices.
03-05-2015Timeline enhancement, staff availability ranges added (for prefferred work time, holidays, sickness and contracts).
29-04-2015Tasks and Appointments management functions.
24-04-2015Fully functional Time & Attendance System as part of the Virtual Information Board.
22-04-2015Setup panel added to the Virtual Information Board (ability to update menu, news and the title page).
16-04-2015Ability to create and print invoices for Service Users.
11-04-2015Changes to the Domum9000 home page.
09-04-2015Revision history and logging history for selected user.
08-04-2015Enhanced management of special purpose user accounts (WWW integration)
19-03-2015Development and implementation of CRM tool, supporting the operation and maintenance of the Domum9000 system.
26-02-2015Enhanced component for displaying information on the map.
15-02-2015Enhanced email notifications.
18-01-2015Items count information added to all summary screens.
10-01-2015Enhanced sorting and grouping.
08-01-2015Notifications added to the program header.
20-12-2014Control panel and administrative tools added.
09-12-2014Added Payment and Printing option in module: Invoices.
18-11-2014Invoices. New module added
16-11-2014Creation of products and customers lookups for Invoices module.
02-11-2014Publication of videos on YouTube, presenting the most important features of the Domum9000 system.
22-10-2014Virtual Information Board added. This feature is a multimedia presentation display designed for a waiting or lounge area.
12-10-2014Tasks and Appointments creator added. This feature uses previously defined service users needs to create tasks and appointments much faster.
05-10-2014Timeline feature development. View selection and scrolling, multi-select widgets.
04-10-2014Starting Timeline feature showing planned appointments and staff timesheet
02-09-2014New features added: determination of service users needs (part of individual care plan), with recurrence pattern, data validation and verbal description.
20-08-2014New features added: Tasks, Shifts, Appointments
22-07-2014Collaboration enhancement. Additional messages for users working on the same data record.
20-07-2014Domum9000 integration features for customer webistes: Posting job vacancies, candidate application form and processing received applications.
01-07-2014Service users section development: notes, documents, addresses, next of kin, services history, contracts and enquiries
16-06-2014Partnership websites integration: Booking visits and asking questions - forms
02-05-2014JRR Framework
15-04-2014User permissions management
12-04-2014Popup dialogs for adding new lookup items quickly
16-03-2014Support for partnership websites
26-02-2014Lookups: Qualifications and certificates
15-02-2014Lookup tables - search and browse features
29-01-2014Rooms list for residential care facilities
25-01-2014Addresses and locations on the map
05-01-2014Organisational structure for facilities: Groups, Companies, Home Care, Residential Care, Ward or Level
13-12-2013Partnership websites integration: Current vacancies and job application form
28-11-2013Ability to display data on Google Maps
10-11-2013Reports: Staff attendance list
30-10-2013Employees key-cards printout - part of the time & attendance system.
26-10-2013Functionality: Reports - clear description in the form of a questions to which the report answers. New formats: csv, txt, xml and html and pdf.
23-10-2013Functionality: Reports - ability to search and categorize by type: list, summary, about staff, about service users, etc.
17-10-2013Ability to add photos. For users, employees, facilities and others.
15-10-2013Functionality: Documents - files in any format can be uploaded and linked.
10-10-2013Functionality: Messages - internal email system for Domum9000 users
30-09-2013Functionality: Alerts - a user friendly data troubleshooting mechanism.
25-09-2013Synchronization of the link between staff and users
16-09-2013The ability to create users directly from the staff table
28-08-2013User management and roles assignment
21-08-2013Settings screen divided into four groups: General, Facilities, Staff, Service Users
14-08-2013Partial functionality for: Rooms, list of places
12-08-2013Added features: Facilities, notes and documents for facilities
07-08-2013Added features: Notes, Documents, Contact Persons
05-08-2013Revisions History - ability to track every record change
31-07-2013Key information shown as icons. Check picture gallery on Facebook or try out DEMO.
29-07-2013Support for teamwork - notifications about another user editing the same record
26-07-2013Undo and Redo features fully functional
23-07-2013Staff Employment History - a single place for contracts and applications
22-07-2013Unlocking features Service Users, Facilities, Messages postponed to 14/08/2013
15-07-2013Unlocking DEMO button - the prototype
08-07-2013SEO Optimalization
04-07-2013Starting a prototype version of the framework
17-06-2013Development of the website
12-06-2013Profiles development in social media
10-06-2013Elaboration of an anonymous questionnaire on the upcoming features of Domum9000
06-06-2013The website's content development and its translation
04-06-2013Registration of the company in the Information Commissioner's Office (
02-06-2013Trademark registration (Domum9000 logo)
01-06-2013Cookies Policy notification (EU requirement)
28-05-2013Elaboration of the services Terms & Conditions, as well as Privacy Policy.
10-05-2013Implementation of a module for gathering information on changes to the database when records data is saved. In addition, Undo and Redo tools. An ability to undo the last action, even if it is deleting multiple records at once.
09-05-2013Log-in module with 'Remember me' option
08-05-2013SSL certificate installation (Extended Validation) - the green address bar in the browser
07-05-2013Server security configuration
05-05-2013Address and domain configuration
03-05-2013Installation of the dedicated server for the purposes of the Domum9000 system.
02-05-2013Marking tool used in the tables.
09-04-2013Development of a complex of table management tools, including paging, sorting, searching with hints and many others.
08-04-2013A module for creating graphs and diagrams
07-04-2013Notifications on the system's and users' security module
05-04-2013A module for service processes (automatic calculations)
26-03-2013Support functions for calculating of time and date in different time zones.
25-03-2013Adaptation of the system for operation of demo databases.
18-03-2013Photos transferring module with a crop-and-rotate tool
11-03-2013Files transferring module
08-03-2013Image editing module
04-03-2013HTML and PDF reports creating tool
20-02-2013Startup sequence, notifications and messages to the user.
17-02-2013Errors management module
15-02-2013Password recovery tool
14-02-2013Date Picker component.
12-02-2013A tool for database archiving. Ability to download compressed files by Administrators.
07-02-2013User's account creation module.
05-02-2013Implementation of the mailing management module.
01-02-2013Background tasks mechanism.
30-01-2013Mechanism for managing activites and places.
22-01-2013Development of data carrier for forms and tables.
11-01-2013Content caching mechanism.
07-01-2013Developing a mechanism for navigation and dialogs.
17-12-2012Price list and some of the sub-pages design.
06-12-2012Variables and sessions storage mechanism.
04-12-2012Developing an application tree.
26-11-2012VAT registration.
01-11-2012Planning the structure of ERP and CRM.
31-10-2012Start of work on the Virtual Assistant - context-sensitive help system.
30-10-2012Domum9000 logo and home page design
27-10-2012Planning the application. Mind map.
25-10-2012Domains and mail accounts registration. Sage One registration.
23-10-2012JRR Software Ltd incorporation for the Domum9000 project needs. Bank account and accountancy.
22-10-2012Legal consultations before starting the Domum9000 project.