and frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?
The Domum9000 system is free of charge.
You can use full functionality of the system just after signup.
The free version does not include optional, but payable services listed below.
Technical support (via phone or internet) monthly cost as follows: £2 net per "bed" (residential care homes) and £1 net per carer (care agencies).
For example: 20 bed care home = £40 net per month, care agency employing 40 carers = £40 net per month.
Payable technical support includes additional services: database backups on a daily basis, quick response in emergency situations, system updates on user demands.
Training prices are as follows: £10 per hour + travel costs (training sessions can be done via phone or internet, eliminating the travelling costs). At least 4 hours of training are recommended for each person using the Domum9000 system.
Cost related to the implementation and adaptation of the system to the needs of the facility (including data import from the another computer system) is determined individually, using the rate of £60 net per day.
All prices are approximate net and may be negotiable depending on the size of the facility and the degree of system utilisation.
When can I start working with the program?
The Domum9000 is ready to work just after signing up. It is recommended that before you start entering staff & service users details, to define the organisation structure ("Facilities Module") and update the default configuration in the "Control Panel".
All the above can be done by yourself, but it is highly recommended to get a professional advice and training first.
For people wanting to try the program without registration, a DEMO version is available here.
Do I need to buy a new PC?
No. The Domum9000 system will work on your existing computer. All you need is modern web browser and the internet access.
To take full advantage of the system, you should obtain a portable computers (eg laptops or tablets). With its help, the carer can enter data directly from the Service User room, avoiding time-consuming rewrite handwritten notes.
Do I need internet access?
Yes. The Domum9000 system works as an online banking website. Permanent access to the Internet is necessary for the program to operate. It is worth to mention that the system will work normally even on a slow network connection, offered by mobile operators.
The system works over the internet. What about the security?
Best to describe the system security is to say: it is similar to your online banking site.
The Domum9000 system is protected on 3 main levels:
  1. The data are stored in professional data centre, protected from unauthorized access, fire, flooding and loss of power supply.
  2. Communication between the user and server is encrypted by the SSL protocol, using a digital certificate in EV (Extended Validation) class. Only this type of certificate changes the colour of the address bar in your browser into green and displays the details of company gained the certificate.
  3. The user has to use "strong" passwords. Additionally, there is a built-in database of few thousands words commonly used as passwords. The Domum9000 system does not allow to use any of them as a password.
There is no X feature. Can it be added?
Yes. The Domum9000 system still evolves and new features are added frequently. Users suggestions sets the direction of this evolution.
Who's an operator of the Domum9000 system?
The Domum9000 operator is a UK based company: JRR Software Ltd, registered under the number #08264774. The company is also registered by the Information Commissioner's Office under the number ZA005948 and is authorized to process sensitive personal data.
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to share them with us using the contact form.
We will answer as soon as possible.