Residents and staff record is essential for any facility.
Domum9000 allows you to manage your database electronically. Thanks to the modern technologies, you will get 24h access to the records not only within the walls of the facility, but from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a tablet or a smartphone and Internet access. Employees with the appropriate permissions will be able to update the records directly from the resident's room or the patients's home.

The database mentioned above has a simple, easy to use search engine, which makes it easier to access the selected records, whether current or archival. Domum9000 reports changes made to the records and allows you to view the history of all the operations.
The database is supplemented with information about the employees' hours worked, services provided, planned tasks and many more.

We invite you to try out the DEMO version of the program, as well as to acquaint yourself with the list of functions available in the price list.

Domum9000 was developed to assist you in the planning of the employees' working hours.
For example, if there is a need to give a drug to a patient, the program allows you to assign this task to the particular employee. If the employee falls ill or can not come on time, the task can be easily reassigned to somebody else. The system will notify you when the same employee will be assigned with several time-overlapping tasks.

Domum9000 is one of the most low-cost systems for work time registration. It only takes a monitor and a computer with a barcode scanner to be installed at the facility's front desk (the cost of a barcode scanner is around £ 30). Access cards for the staff can be printed with a standard printer. The system is similar to the automated passenger and baggage check-in system at the airport. In addition, the monitor can be used as the facility's virtual information board, while the registration system is not in use.
Based on the data collected by the work time registration system, the employee's payroll is calculated.

Domum9000 takes into account individual needs of every resident and patient.
Every resident and patient is billed based on the services provided, such as 24h care provided within the walls of the facility, temporary care provided at the patient's home, rehabilitation, health care provision and many more. Also, residents and patients can be billed for additional services and goods provided, such as hairdressing services and a daily newspaper.

Invoices and bills for services are generated by the system automatically. The algorythm responsible for the calculation is truly flexible. It takes into account discounts, compensations and variable service rates.

The invoices can be supplemented with the facility's graphic signatures, such as logos, and additional information from the program.

We invite you to test the DEMO version of the program, as well as to acquaint yourself with the list of functions available in the price list.

The program provides a wide variety of reports.
New reports are added in the development of the program. The built-in search engine allows you to quickly find the necessary report by searching through the database by a specific category or keywords. For instance, you can quickly view all the reports concerning the Employees and then, narrow the results to the data marked with the keyword "annual leave". Thus only the positions which apply to employees on annual leave will be displayed.

Reports history allows you to download reports generated in the past, thereby you can analyze changes in daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports. The reports can be saved to your local drive, as well as sent via e-mail in the attachment.

Domum9000 reports concern all major modules of the program, including staff (e.g. work time printouts), residents (e.g. tasks printouts), facilities (e.g. vacant rooms printouts) and many more.

The program does not require installation nor assistance of an IT specialist.
It works just like an online bank account, with similar technologies and security measurements involved.
It is easily and quickly accessible via smartphones, tablets, laptops and your desktop computer as well. Wherever you have access to the World Wide Web.

The facility's management will have access to the data from any place in the world.
The facility's employee (e.g. a guardian) will be able to update the record directly from the resident's room or the patient's home. It will help you to save lots of time and effort as there will be no need to input the data manually anymore.

We invite you to try out the DEMO version of the program, as well as to acquaint yourself with the list of functions available in the price list.


Trust and confidence

Domum9000 was developed to assist you in fulfilling your residents' and patients' needs and expectations. It supervises the activities related to the services provided by the facility. It reminds you about the scheduled tasks and upcoming appointments. It warns you of possible collisions and interactions. Thanks to Domum9000, your residents and patients receive services always on time, and the risk of mistake is minimized to almost naught.

These and many other conveniences of the system will definitely increase confidence and trust towards the facility and its services.

The Resident's account

In Domum9000, partial access to the selected record can be provided to the resident and the resident's family. An individual account, set up by the eligible employees of the facility, allows the resident and the resident's family to have an insight into the selected positions of the database. The individual account can be used for viewing scheduled treatments, as well as for tracking the history of payments for the facility's services.

This feature is optional. The individual account can be created upon request and with the consent of the resident.

Virtual Information Board

If there is an LCD screen (e.g. a big TV set) in the facility, it can be used as an electronic bulletin board to inform the residents and their families about the menu, planned attractions and other events from the life of the facility.

Domum9000 provides the technical possibility of linking the Electronic Bulletin Board to the facility's website so that the residents, their families and interested parties can have access to the multimedia presentation of the facility.

Lower costs - higher service quality

The system helps you to plan tasks and work time. As a result, every carer always knows what to do, and the residents and patients always receive services on time. The better organization of work time - the lower is the cost of operating the facility.

Detailed reports allow for the effective management of the facility's resources. For example, facilities that provide 24h care can offer vacancies well in advance. They can also carefully match their services to the specific needs of every resident or patient.

Data control and security

Even the slightest modification to the data is registred in the Domum9000 history journal. With access to the journal, the owner of the facility, as well as the facilities management can quickly and easily track who and when made changes to the record.

All data is stored in a secure data center, outside the facility, so you don't have to worry about a room with appropriate conditions for the server or an IT specialist for managing it. The professional data center which is used by the system has its own power source, as well as the highest level of protection in the event of theft, fire or water damage.

Prestige and modernity in accordance with the law

One of the main components of the system is the Virtual Information Board. It is a multimedia presentation, designed to be displayed on a screen installed in the facility, for instance, at the front desk. If there is a screen in the facility, it is possible to present current information to the residents and visitors directly from Domum9000. The Electronic Bulletin Board is a part of the work time registration system. On one of the cards, you can display the employee's attendance sheet along with the employee's photograph. This allows you to improve the positive image of the facility and give it a friendly atmosphere.

The operator of the Domum9000 system is provided with the professional legal assistance and makes every effort to ensure that all the functions of the system are operated in accordance with the law. The system operator is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and is authorized to process personal and medical data.

Accessibility of information

The appearance of each element has been carefully designed. The user does not feel lost in the maze of data as the program displays only current, the most important information. The wide buttons, tall table rows and spacious forms make the program truly user-friendly.

Domum9000 was designed with the thought of mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones. An employee with one of those mobile devices has the same access to the database as a person working on a desktop computer in the facility. Thus, it is possible to update the record directly from the resident's room or the patient's home. Thanks to Domum9000, you will save lots of time and effort as there is no need to input the data manually anymore, and the risk of mistake is minimized to almost naught.

The Employee's account

In Domum9000 all employees can have their own accounts. Those who does not have special permissions (e.g. to update the resident's record) can use the following features of the system:
  • sending and receiving messages in the internal mail system
  • access to the list of the schduled tasks
  • access to their own work time history journal (including hours worked, absences and late-comings)
  • access to their personal information stored in the system

Virtual Assistant

Domum9000 provides assistance where it is needed the most. Virtual Assistant is a panel developed for displaying important messages, as well as support information about the individual elements of the program. It is extremely useful especially when filling out the form as the support information is automatically displayed on the right from the edited field.

Every user has a real influence on the development of the system. You can share your suggestions and ideas on the project by contacting us using the Virtual Assistant or the contact form.